Training with TTT

Training and Technology Transfer (TTT), established in 1989, is an international development organisation focused primarily on working with the public sector in developing countries.  The company is represented in 22 countries with a global scope of operations covering 40 countries.  Since its inception TTT has completed over 210 projects worldwide.

I have undertaken work for TTT overseas and in New Zealand.  The most recent assignment was to deliver a customised training course on project management at Victoria University of Wellington NZ during May 2013 for senior economists from the Bangladesh Government photographed here at the entrance to the impressive Hunter Building, which in 1906 housed the entire university.

Mr Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Deputy Secretary, Economic Relations; Mr Syed Rashedul Hossen, Senior Assistant Secretary;  Ms Nusrat Noman, Senior Assistant Secretary; Ms Makshuda Hossain, Senior Assistant Secretary; Mr AHM Jahangir, Deputy … Read More »


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