Negotiation for Project Managers

Some common negotiation issues and occasions involving project managers are:

–       Project manager’s personal employment contract.

–       Project charter terms.

–       Stakeholders wants and needs.

–       Contract terms for project work that is outsourced.

–       Variations to the current scope of work.

–       Requests to reduce project duration or cost.

–       Requests to alter deliverable specifications.

–       Conflict within the project team.

And in a matrix organisation in particular, there may also be negotiation with functional managers about the availability and suitability of project team members.

It is inevitable during a project, from time-to-time, conflicts and disagreements will occur as the different needs, wants, aims and beliefs of stakeholders arise.  Without negotiation, such conflicts may lead to highly emotional arguments and resentment resulting in one or all of the parties feeling highly dissatisfied.  For example, there will always be scope issues.  When the client says, “but I … Read More »


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