Project management templates

Templates are designed to give us direction, confidence, quality, consistency and save us time.  They are checklists. We simply fill in the blanks. Importantly, templates are not straitjackets, but to be useful their format needs to be controlled, otherwise continual local amendments will soon diminish their value.  The “owner” of the templates who safeguards their integrity and to whom suggested amendments are made for their improvement, could be the PMO if one is established, otherwise a functional manager might get the job – not necessarily the IT manager.

Some common templates are listed belowfor your use, although they may need some modification to better suit your particular needs:

Project Schedule
Project Risk Log
Project Organisation Chart
Project Lessons Learned Log
Project Initial Definition Statement
Project Concept Checklist
Project Change Request
Project Audit Checklist
Project Status Report
Project Risk Registration Form
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Project management methodology

Methodology is just a flash word that answers the question “I’ve got this here goal.  How do I achieve it?”   Thus, a project methodology is the thing we use to achieve project goals.  On further analyses, methodologies usually consist of four Ps:

Processes being mostly sequential steps that result in a “deliverable” which is project management-speak for a product or service – whatever remains behind on project completion. 
Principles are usually the consequence of hard-learned lessons that guide us in our project management endeavours.  Unfortunately, adherence to these principles doesn’t necessarily guarantee project success, but we ignore them at our peril. 
Proforma or templates are essentially checklists to guide us and blank forms for us to fill out, thus helping to ensure that we do all the stuff we need to and do it properly.
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