Project management templates

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Templates are designed to give us direction, confidence, quality, consistency and save us time.  They are checklists. We simply fill in the blanks. Importantly, templates are not straitjackets, but to be useful their format needs to be controlled, otherwise continual local amendments will soon diminish their value.  The “owner” of the templates who safeguards their integrity and to whom suggested amendments are made for their improvement, could be the PMO if one is established, otherwise a functional manager might get the job – not necessarily the IT manager.

Some common templates are listed belowfor your use, although they may need some modification to better suit your particular needs:

  1. Project Schedule
  2. Project Risk Log
  3. Project Organisation Chart
  4. Project Lessons Learned Log
  5. Project Initial Definition Statement
  6. Project Concept Checklist
  7. Project Change Request
  8. Project Audit Checklist
  9. Project Status Report
  10. Project Risk Registration Form
  11. Project Plan
  12. Project Issues Register
  13. Project Charter
  14. Project Business Case
  15. Post-Project Report
  16. Lessons Learned Log
  17. Communications Plan

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