Project management methodology

Methodology is just a flash word that answers the question “I’ve got this here goal.  How do I achieve it?”   Thus, a project methodology is the thing we use to achieve project goals.  On further analyses, methodologies usually consist of four Ps:

Processes being mostly sequential steps that result in a “deliverable” which is project management-speak for a product or service – whatever remains behind on project completion. 
Principles are usually the consequence of hard-learned lessons that guide us in our project management endeavours.  Unfortunately, adherence to these principles doesn’t necessarily guarantee project success, but we ignore them at our peril. 
Proforma or templates are essentially checklists to guide us and blank forms for us to fill out, thus helping to ensure that we do all the stuff we need to and do it properly.
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Keeping our projects on track

Given that our success as project managers, rightly or wrongly, often depends on getting there on time and within budget, we need to promptly detect and correct excessive variance, where variance is the difference between planned and actual performance, of which there will always be some.  The principle here is “to solve it easily, detect it early.”  Means of detection might include a threat/opportunities (risk) log, issues log, lessons learned log, change or variations log, accident register, progress reports, status reports, exception reports, site visits, variance reports, milestone slip charts, personal contact, interviews, questionnaires, sampling and testing, meetings, audits and reviews, prototypes and trials, checklists, telephone conferences, video conferences, structured walk throughs, demonstrations, simulations, benchmarking, peer reviews, and earned value analysis, but not all of these of course.  We need to be cost-effective.

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