Project Meetings

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“Meetingitis! Where minutes are kept and hours are wasted.”

We hold project meetings to collectively plan, solve problems and make decisions, and share information, athough there may be other more cost-effective ways to share information when face-to-face interaction is not needed. Project meetings can also play a role in developing team buy-in, communications, leadership and teamwork.

A project meeting should be brief (so we should book a suitably equipped meeting room for only a limited pereiod – say no longer than an hour) and everyone should understand the purpose of the meeting. Although some issues that require detailed deliberation might better be deferred from a routrine meeting to another meeting where we can discuss the specifics with only those people affected. Anyway, here are eight commonsense reminders to help us run useful project meetings:

Set ground rules. Our project team should … Read More »

Multi-Project Management

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Managing multiple projects is a juggling act; managing multiple projects with intertwined dependencies can be a nightmare. Multiple projects might be related in the form of a programme or be of the stand-alone variety.

Few full-time and even the part-time project managers have the luxury of only one project to manage at any one time. More commonly we have several different types of projects (size, complexity and cost) on the go at once – some just starting, some underway and others nearing completion. And the whole deal is further complicated by changing priorities, variations and insufficient resources to properly undertake all projects in parallel.

While a traffic light system is a useful means of tracking the performance of individual projects, we also need to know which projects warrant our attention at any particular time, especially when several are not … Read More »


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