Research Projects

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Researching and publishing a report is a project and such projects come in many different shapes and sizes. Click on any of these rather different reports to view simple research projects:

Report on Greenpeace NZ Campaign to Raise Awareness about Potential Climate Change Impacts
Analysis of a Sacred Text: Book of Job, Old Testament, Holy Bible
Report on Human Trafficking
Report on Human Manipulations of Genetic Transfer and its Biological Implications
An Analysis of the Catholic Church’s Response to Genetic Engineering

An academic research project of any length and at any level can be undertaken by following these ten sequential tasks:

Choose your research area. This is the general area within your academic field … Read More »

The Upside of Quitting a Project

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You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

Kenny Rogers – “The Gambler”


I think “The Gambler” has been banned in Las Vegas. The song reminds us that in poker, folding is a huge part of the game. The ability to quit our hand lets us choose favourable circumstances for ourselves. It also allows us to take risks, knowing that if things don’t take a positive turn, we can always abandon the pursuit.

Similarly we might abandon a project mid-course for a variety of reasons – deliverable (output) and/or outcomes is no longer needed, completion date can’t be achieved, costs exceed budget and/or anticipated benefits, technical requirements prove to be unachievable, expertise unavailable, project priorities change causing a re-allocation of … Read More »

Project Cost Overruns!!

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Projects cost overruns can affect our organisation’s performance, inhibit the achievement of strategic goals, and even jeopardise our credibility as project managers.

Some organisations don’t have data on project completion costs perhaps because their accounting system doesn’t allocate expenditure to projects, the invoices from suppliers often roll across several projects, or because going back over past performance to collect the data is a bother.

If a project costs more than is budgeted for and then needs more funding, other projects may be put on hold through lack of funds. On the other hand, if we have budgeted far more than the actual cost of the project, funds are tied up that could have been used elsewhere. It is also possible that a number of proposed projects may have been rejected because the costs were greatly over-estimated and thus the opportunities they presented … Read More »


My latest thoughts on Project Management and life.


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