Product and Project Scope

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A project’s scope is all the work that needs to be done to produce the project deliverable(s). Deliverables are what remain at project completion – a product, process or service produced for an internal or external client. Some projects have many deliverables; others just have one. Defining project scope is an important first step to preparing a project plan no matter what project management methodology we use – waterfall, agile, scrum, and even PRINCE2 (the UK government’s nightmarish methodology inexplicably adopted by our own government to the delight of exorbitantly-priced PRINCE2 training purveyors).

What determines a project’s scope is the product, process or service that the project intends to produce with its desired features or characteristics, called the product scope. The project scope includes everything we need to do to ensure the product scope is achieved. So project scope and product … Read More »


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