Project Network Diagrams

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A project could be described as a number of tasks that are performed in a certain sequence. A network diagram is a useful project planning tool that enables us project managers to determine and graphically illustrate this sequence of tasks and the relationships between the tasks that comprise our project. So it’s not a railway schematic diagram, but rather it’s a diagram defines project task dependencies and is a prelude to producing a schedule or Gantt chart. Such diagrams, first used in USA and Europe during the 1950’s, are referred to by a confusing variety of names:

– Network Chart
– Activity Sequence Diagram
– Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) Chart
– Critical Path Method (CPM)
– Dependency Network
– Precedence Diagram
– Arrow Diagram
– Logic Diagram

With regard to our overall “CDEF” project process chart shown below, producing a network diagram is the … Read More »

More on Stakeholder Management

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Further to my item have you ever been in a situation where you had to balance the various interests of a group of people? In the project business we call this stakeholder management and it can be difficult since people involved invariably have different opinions, expectations, agendas and ways of communicating. Managing these differences can be a challenge. As the name implies, a project stakeholder is any individual or organisational entity with a “stake” in our project.

Project success depends largely on the stakeholders involved and one definition of project success is “happy stakeholders.” We may get to pick some or all of our project team, but we won’t get to choose every stakeholder.  As a project manager, it’s our job to work with the stakeholders we’ve got and to understand what makes them tick.  The ability to … Read More »


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