Marvellous PMP exam preparation book

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Richard Perrin (selected by PMI as an internal reviewer for the PMBOK,Guide, 5th Edition) has recently created a 437 page book designed to help students prepare for the Project Management Institute’s exams – the Project Management Profession (PMP) credential in particular. This excellent publication pulls together a vast amount of project management information and is much more reader-friendly and understandable than is the brain-numbing Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). Perrin’s book includes plenty of examples and quizzes (with answers) and can be accessed right here free of charge.

Recently, the above so-called “iron” triangle has given way to a project management diamond where cost, time, scope, and quality are the four vertices, but now among several significant changes included in Perrin’s exam preparation book is a new understanding of … Read More »

Progress reporting – a query

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A previous course participant wrote: “I have been asked to do some simple reporting for management to show earned value.  I am having trouble working out the earned value cost.  I am also wondering whether I have renamed the AC, PV, and CV columns correctly. I have attached a spreadsheet for you to look over.   Are you able to help me at all?”

Thanks very much for your query.  Progress reporting is a key activity of project management. The project manager usually issues regular reports of progress against budget, schedule, scope, risk and issues. Sorry to possibly disappoint you, but your table (simplified and altered slightly to preserve anonymity) bears no resemblance to an earned value report nor does it contain information to enable such reports.  Thus, to do some simple reporting for management to show earned … Read More »


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