Project change management (or product adoption)

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After project execution there is a new or improved product in place – perhaps a new building, policy, process, plant or item of equipment. While the PM challenge is to create the optimum new product, the change challenge is to make most effective use of the product after its launch to produce the required outcomes and benefits. However, new products mean change and few people like change, although as I write this Britain has been hit by a massive self-imposed change as the EU referendum delivered clear backing for “Brexit”, or should the result be viewed as an escape from a failed project?

A successful change initiative requires we prepare our organisation for the change, obtain stakeholder buy-in, and engage the sponsor and functional managers to champion and support the change before, during and after product launch and during the product’s … Read More »

Securing Benefits

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Although “securing benefits” may sound more like health insurance or something obtained from NZ Work and Income, rather than anything to do with PM, every project is an investment with the purpose of obtaining benefits. However, most organisations have no formal process for securing project benefits, yet benefits are not just another project component, but are the reason for the project – the fundamental project drivers that are articulated in the project business case.

Have you ever delivered a “successful” project, only to find out later the product was seldom or never used?  In my opinion benefits is currently the most ignored area of PM except perhaps at the start of a project when some eager sponsors might highlight or even exaggerate the anticipated benefits and downplay the costs to help get their projects approved. While the project benefit and cost … Read More »


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