SkillPower Training

SkillPower provides project management, problem solving, coaching, mentoring and in-house training. All training is practical, participatory and interactive, with plenty of useful take-home resources and follow-up.

Popular in-house training programmes, customised as required to meet clients’ learning expectations, include those described below:

Project Management

Project Sponsorship

Project Business Case Preparation

Project Risk Management

Project Contract Management

StottsWe also provide distance project management training for the prestigious Stotts Correspondence Education Limited.

Project Management (NZQA Level 4)

Project Risk Management


Other Courses. Training is also provided in all other project management subjects as required including the following:

Project Cost Estimating.
Project Stakeholder Management.
Project Team Leadership, Motivation, and Team Building.
Project Auditing and Evaluation.


“Thank you so much for running our course, I really enjoyed myself and am very grateful to you for your guidance and for sharing your knowledge and expertise.” Rachel Killen

“Thanks for passing on detailed information to us in a manner that cleared up the miss-understandings that had become entrenched over the years. Your experience and knowledge of the topic have helped close the gaps.” Kevin Williams

“I had a great time on the course Jim and it ticked all the boxes for what I wanted to achieve, in a great fun and interactive way. I am now working with the International Police Deployments Project for Timor-Leste which is fabulous and I know that this recent study contributed to my skill set in being offered my new opportunity.” Jill Alexander

“Jim, it was great to take a course that has had such a big impact on my job. ‘The Framework’ sits within reach on my desk, and does not get a chance to gather dust! Thanks.” Rob Gittins

“It is a credit to you to bring a group of people together from diverse fields and get us all involved and working together as a team with no egos involved. The team (who I think of as friends) was an awesome group to be a part of.” Penny Wilson

“Thank you for an uplifting and inspiring course. I’ve sat through many courses in a long life in the work force. This was up with the best.” Paul Taggart

“I would like to congratulate you on running such an efficient and well structure Project Management course. The course materials, detail and tuition was excellent. I am pleased to have attended and my graduation which is a credit to you and your enthusiasm for Project Management. Thank you again. I’m sure I’ll be reading your latest book on Risk Management.” Richard Noakes

“Thank you Jim for your insight and knowledge, it certainly made a difference to how much I enjoyed the project management training. It has been long time since I have spent any serious time studying and you made it all very easy to get going again.” Russell Clark

“Thanks for a great course, really enjoyed it, got an enormous amount of value out of it and have implemented many of the things learnt it.” Mark Symons


“Studying for peeps is never easy, especially when the demands of work and family are thrown into the mix. If I’m really honest, taking up a Diploma in a field that I am paid to do was daunting with a fear of finding out what I had been doing wrong over the years and what I’d not been doing that I should have been. The way that the course was delivered ensured that no one was looked down upon for the lack of experience or individuals limitations in knowledge, the delivery was measured and developed in a way that let everyone learn and achieve. I think that it is fair to say that the sense of achievement was there for me on the completion of each assignment and the knowledge that I have taken from the course has helped me to link some of the aspects of my work and identify the reasoning and thinking behind some of the things that I do as a PM.

It is also important to mention that the crew I was able to study with also helped to ease the burden. I have been on many courses over the years and this crew has been one of the best to study with. I feel that we were all mutually supportive and it was a pleasure to have met and shared this time with you all. I know that we are hoping to catch-up in the new year to celebrate our success and shared sense of achievement together and I for one am looking forward to cracking a beer with you all.”

Steve Simpson



Thank you again Jim for passionately sharing your knowledge and experience with us – it is not an accident that all three of us individually mentioned you as a highlight of our time with NZIM.



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